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Thrills, Chills, and General Silliness (with Weldon Burge)

The Escalating Market Battle Facing Small Indie Publishers

The current Smart Rhino Publications library!

Smart Rhino Publications just completed a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming anthology, A PLAGUE OF SHADOWS. We reached 178% of our goal, which is absolutely fantastic! We can't thank our supporters enough.

But, you may ask, why a Kickstarter campaign at all? Well, truth be told, small indie publishers are having a rough time of it in today's market. Perhaps the market is overloaded. Perhaps fewer people are buying books. It could be any number of factors. In light of those difficulties, small publishers now have to revise their marketing strategies and find alternative ways to increase funding. Crowdfunding is one of those ways.

Many independent publishers have folded in the past few years for lack of funding and various other reasons. That in itself is sad. But, sadder still, many of the authors represented by those publishers now have no (or scant) venues for their work. Their books have gone out-of-print, and many do not have the rights to seek out other publishers to give renewed life to their work. Talented writers are being left out in the cold. And we all are the worst for it.


No one (to my knowledge) is getting rich in the independent publishing world, especially the small publishers that generally cater to niche markets. Smart Rhino takes particular pleasure in publishing lesser-known writers who demonstrate enormous talent. Giving them the opportunity to publish their work drives much of what we do. I suspect the same is true for most small publishers. But, even though for most of us this is more for love than for money, the reality is that bills still have to be paid. Otherwise, the venues for break-out writers will eventually evaporate.

So, what can you do to help, beyond supporting crowdfunding campaigns?




Buy books. Of course, that's the best way to support publishers and their authors.
Write reviews. If you enjoy a book, go on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, or any book distributor and let folks know. Even a brief "Wow! This book was fantabulous!" is gold.  
Talk to others about the books you enjoy. Publishers love good word-of-mouth, but it's one of the hardest things to garner. Spread the word. Let folks know about those books you've enjoyed and recommend.
Buy yet more books! If you like a particular author, search him or her out and purchase more of their work. Take a chance on an author with whom you may not be familiar. The cycle begins anew! Write reviews. Spread the word even further. 


What books have you read recently? 

Today's independent publishers and writers need your support, in any way you can provide it. Trust me, we'll greatly appreciate it ... and be able to produce even more great literature!

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