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Photo by William Bretzger/The News Journal

Weldon Burge, a native of Delaware, is a writer, publisher, and full-time editor. His short fiction has appeared in many publications, including various magazines and anthologies (such as CrimeucopiaThe Best of the Horror Society 2013, Pellucid Lunacy: An Anthology of Psychological Horror, Ghosts and Demons, Beach Pulp, and Scary Stuff, just to name a few). His stories have been adapted for podcast presentation by Drabblecast. Weldon is also a frequent writer for Suspense Magazine, often writing author interviews.


Earlier in his freelance career, Weldon wrote more nonfiction articles than he can count, including content for newspapers, magazines, and even website content. He was once a prolific garden writer, and for many years has written for an educational consulting firm. But, for the most part, Weldon's writing has steered away from nonfiction and has been largely focused on fiction.


On November 16, 2021, Suspense Publishing will release Weldon's debut thriller, Harvester of Sorrow, the first in the Ezekiel Marrs series. He is also currently writing a paranormal suspense novel that may also be the start of another series (but he hasn't determined that yet). He intends to stay on the novel-writing rollercoaster for the future.


In 2012, Weldon and his wife, Cindy, founded Smart Rhino Publications, an indie publishing company focusing primarily on horror and suspense/thriller books, many of them anthologies. To date, the company has published 14 books and is now pulling together the anthology Asinine Assassins.




Short Fiction

Besides writing books, Weldon has published many articles and stories over the years ... and many have been reprinted in various publications. Following are just some anthologies and magazines that have published his work. Included are three podcasts of his stories you can listen to today!

Crimeucopia—We're All Animals Under The Skin


Murderous Ink Press in the UK recently published Weldon's story "White Hell, Wisconsin" in their anthology, Crimeucopia - We're All Animals Under The Skin. That story seems to be a favorite among many of his readers!

Scary Stuff


Weldon's horror story, "On the Viaduct," was published by Oddity Prodigy Productions in their anthology Scary Stuff. The story has something of a Lovecraftian "feel" to it ... and it takes place in Wilmington, Delaware. What better place to have a monstrosity?

Beach Pulp


This anthology in the Cat & Mouse Press "Beach" series was published in celebration of pulp fiction. Weldon's humorous story, "A Day at the Beach With the GramthrottleMax Family," was included.

The Best of the Horror Society 2013


Edited by Weldon's friend and fellow writer, Carson Buckingham, this wonderful anthology contains 28 horror stories by "not only the best of emerging horror writers but seasoned pros whose names you will no doubt recognize as well. His story, "White Hell, Wisconsin," is included. This story also appeared in his story collection, Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches.

Pellucid Lunacy: An Anthology of Psychological Horror


Weldon's horror story, "SIZZLE," was published in this anthology released by Written Backwards. This story was also included in his collection, Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches.

Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity Anthologies


The annual Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity (C3) conference near Baltimore is a favorite of Weldon's, one he highly recommends. Every year, the folks behind the conference, Intrigue Publishing, publish an anthology specifically for attendees—the anthology is not for sale anywhere! Weldon's stories have appeared in five of the anthologies to date.

Suspense Magazine (April 2016)


Weldon has written often for Suspense Magazine over the years, primarily author interviews (many of which you can find here on his blog) and a few book reviews. His story, "Right-Hand Man," appeared in the April 2016 issue of the magazine. This story was also published in his story collection, The Conwright Trilogy

Suspense Magazine (February 2011)


Weldon's story "Another Highway Fatality" appeared in the February 2011 issue of the Suspense Magazine. This story was also published in his collection, Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches

Grim Graffiti


This magazine was the first to reprint one of Weldon's stories, "White Hell, Wisconsin." The magazine is no longer available, much less this particular issue. But you can find the story in Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches.

The Edge: Tales of Suspense


The Edge: Tales of Suspense was the first magazine to accept one of Weldon's suspense stories—in this case, "White Hell, Wisconsin"—back in 2004. He particularly likes the cover illustration by Keith Minnion. 

The Last Hooky


This is one of Weldon's favorite early short stories, reminiscent of his boyhood and skipping school. This was published in GlassFire Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 3. Read the complete story online here.

Permanent Detention


This is a podcast of my tongue-in-cheek horror story, produced by Norm Sherman and the Drabblecast folks. Think '80s teen horror movie, ideally starring Corey Feldman. 


You can listen to the show here.



This is one of Weldon's oldest stories and has been through several iterations over the years. 


Listen to the Drabblecast episode here.

Performance Anxiety


Weldon's flash story, "Performance Anxiety," was his first to be produced as a podcast, and Drabblecast did a fantastic job. It is the third story in the "Trifecta." You can listen to the show here. Stick with it 'til the end—you won't be disappointed!