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My wife and I at a recent book signing event.

SMART RHINO PUBLICATIONS opened for business in February 2012 ... and we still have the momentum! Three years later, we have nine books in print, with a 10th on the way. And next year looks to be just as productive, if not more so.

Although we're known primarily for our anthologies, (Zippered Flesh, Zippered Flesh 2, Uncommon Assassins, Insidious Assassins, Someone Wicked), we have also branched out into publishing novellas (Green Tsunami, and soon The Box Jumper) and novels (The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn). And to give folks a taste of my own writing, we published a collection of five of my stories, Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches.

Our mission has always been to provide a venue for our authors and their quality work, and we promote them whenever and wherever possible. Become their fans! Buy their books!

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Here is the current catalog of Smart Rhino books, starting with the most recent and working back through the years to our "virgin" project, ZIPPERED FLESH.

ZIPPERED FLESH 3: Yet More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!

The third in the "Zippered Flesh" series of anthologies, with stories by Graham Masterton, Jack Ketchum, William F. Nolan, Billie Sue Mosiman, L.L. Soares, James Dorr, Jeff Menapace, and 12 other incredible horror/suspense writers.

ZIPPERED FLESH 3: Yet More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!


Lisa Mannetti's incredible novella focuses on Houdini and his confrontations with fraudulent psychics and mediums of his day, told by his "box jumper" (a magician's assistant who seems to "jump" from box to box onstage), Leona. (2015)




This sequel to UNCOMMON ASSASSINS has suspense stories by Joe Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, Billie Sue Mosiman, Joseph Badal, and 20 other incredible writers. (2015)


An apocalyptic horror novella by L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney, with illustrations by Dan Verkys, Will Renfro, Ju Kin, and Justynn Tyme. (2014)


In this wonderful novel by Lisa Mannetti, Tom and Huck have reincarnated as two white cats, and they are now familiars for a modern day witch. Of course, they want to be boys again! Available in Adult and YA editions. (2014)

SOMEONE WICKED: A Written Remains Anthology

Someone Wicked is the second anthology produced by the Written Remains Writers Guild, and contains stories by both Written Remains members and a number of friends of the guild. The anthology contains 21 stories, ranging from horror to suspense to fantasy to bizarro fiction. (2013)

ZIPPERED FLESH 2: More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!

This sequel to ZIPPERED FLESH includes two stories that were nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards: "The Hunger Artist" by Lisa Mannetti and "Primal Tongue" by Michael Bailey. I had fun editing this one! (2013)


This is a collection of five horror/suspense stories by Weldon Burge, designed as in introduction to his work. (2013)


The first in the "Assassins" series of suspense anthologies, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS focuses on hired killers, vigilantes, assassins--but these are not ordinary killers, not your run-of-the mill hit-men. The emphasis is on the uncommon here! (2012)

ZIPPERED FLESH: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!

This is the first anthology published by Smart Rhino Publications, and still one of the favorites for readers. The horror stories are not for the squeamish! The antho contains 20 stories from some of today's best horror writers, includnig Graham Masterton, Lisa Mannetti, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, L.L. Soares, and several other names you're sure to recognize. (2012)