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Gardening How-To: Vertical Veggies

The May/June issue of Gardening How-To magazine contains my article, "Up, Up and Away," about vertical vegetable gardening. This makes two consecutive issues containing my material, and this time I received top billing on the cover. Way cool! Once again, the editor, Amy Sitze, and her staff have done a superb job formatting and illustrating the article. (See my earlier blog, Gardening How-To: Colorful Cauliflower.)

Here is a short online sidebar, Grow Up!, that provides a list of some of the varieties I recommend for growing on trellises.

I've been growing vegetables vertically for years, but, as I wrote this article for Gardening How-To, I decided to totally maximize my garden this year. I've added vertical structures to three of my six raised beds (two already had fencing). This growing season, I'll be trying a number of varieties I've never grown before, so this is something of an experiment for me. But, hey, that's half the fun of gardening. (The other half, of course, is eating the fresh veggies!)

Here are some pictures from the garden, earlier this season.

I'll post more photos in the coming months as the garden begins to fill and produce. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from other gardeners who have had great success at vertical gardening. Share with us!

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ISM Community Garden Update (4/7/2010)

Well, the corporate community garden that I proposed at my place of employment is finally becoming a reality, and I'm jazzed by the enthusiasm of my coworkers at Independent School Management. (See my earlier blog, Starting a Company Community Garden, for more about the proposal and plan.)

The three raised beds have been built and filled with soil, and we've already planted Sugar Snap peas, radishes, a variety of Asian greens, and a variety of leaf lettuces and romaine. We've also filled a hanging planter with everbearing strawberries.


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Gardening How-To: Colorful Cauliflower

The March/April issue of Gardening How-To magazine contains my article, "Colorful Cauliflower." I've written for the magazine many times over the past five years or so, and the editor, Amy Sitze, and her staff are superb and a joy to work with. This time, they outdid themeselves! The graphics and photos accompanying the article are beautiful and perfectly complement what I've written. I particularly like the photo of various colored heads of cauliflower arranged almost like something you'd see in a flower market. Wow! Cauliflower never looked so good!

Here is a short online sidebar, The Origin of Orange Cauliflower, that I wrote for the article.

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The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk

I just received my 2010 copy of The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk. I've been writing for the annual publication for the past five years, and I'm pleased that the Editor, Lucas McFadden, and the Executive Editor, Thomas Alexander, selected six of my articles for this edition:

  • Garden Huckleberries
  • India Rubber Plant
  • Succulent Swiss Chard
  • Vertical Cukes
  • Crotons: Brash and Bold
  • Ornamental Bananas

Of course, the issue includes 14-month weather forecasts, fishing and planting tables, nostalgia, cooking tips, the zodiac, bizarre stories--the usual fun stuff you find in almanacs!

Keep an eye out for a copy at newsstands and book stores in the coming month or so! You can also order a copy hereRead More 

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