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Mythic Structure & Storytelling

During the Writers at the Beach conference last month (and particularly during Khris Baxter's workshop, Screenwriting Techniques for Fiction Writers), I was forced into the realization that the novel I began way back in 1987 was (1) worthy of resurrection, (2) poorly structured, and (3) in need of major rewriting. (See my earlier blog entry, Writers at the Beach, 3/28/10.) In the intervening weeks since the conference, the novel has been flopping around in my brain like a fish on deck. But, the more I contemplate the story, the more frustrated I become. And the problem is clearly structure.

So, I've decided to once again read The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler. I've read Joseph Campbell's work on mythology, most notably the Bill Moyer interview, The Power of Myth, and The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It's dense reading and highly academic, to be sure, but the truths concerning the importance of mythology in our lives (and our writing) are clear and illuminating.

Vogler's book, borrowing heavily not only from Campbell but also from Carl Jung's archetypes, nails down mythic structure for the writer in the most succinct and user-friendly form I've seen.  Read More 

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ISM Community Garden Update (4/7/2010)

Well, the corporate community garden that I proposed at my place of employment is finally becoming a reality, and I'm jazzed by the enthusiasm of my coworkers at Independent School Management. (See my earlier blog, Starting a Company Community Garden, for more about the proposal and plan.)

The three raised beds have been built and filled with soil, and we've already planted Sugar Snap peas, radishes, a variety of Asian greens, and a variety of leaf lettuces and romaine. We've also filled a hanging planter with everbearing strawberries.


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