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Starting a Company Community Garden

February 23, 2010

Tags: vegetable gardening, community gardens

For the past year or so, my employer, Independent School Management, has supported wellness initiatives for employees. With this in mind, I proposed starting a small but highly productive vegetable garden that ISM employees would maintain and harvest, an ISM "community garden" on the company's grounds. Here is a synopsis of my proposal to the company CEO.

First Lines

February 5, 2010

Tags: writing

Many editors will tell you that, when plowing through a slush pile of freelance submissions, they often never get past the first sentence of a story, much less the first paragraph. Writers may think this unfair, but an editor's instinct about a story is usually dead on -- if the first few lines of a story don't snare your attention, you're not likely to read further.

First lines are important.

Consider the following examples of first lines from best-selling authors.


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