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Lisa Mannetti, a Bram Stoker Winner, is one of our favorite authors at Smart Rhino Publications, and her stories have appeared in several of our anthologies. I always enjoy working with Lisa, and was pleased when she suggested publishing The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Tom and Huck have reincarnated as twin white cats, and they're now familiars for a modern-day witch--and, of course, they want to be boys again! This whimsical, often humorous novel would make Mark Twain proud!

The Adult Edition is a bit risque and contains some adult situations that may not be appropriate for younger readers. The Young Adult (YA) edition has been especially written to appeal to a younger audience.

The cover illustration for the Adult Edition is by the inestimable Glenn Chadbourne, with a cover design by the incredible Amy York.

The cover illustration for the YA Edition is by Safira de Meza of the Netherlands, with a cover design also by Amy York.

Both editions include an Introduction by NY Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry.

For more on Lisa, check out my interview with her for Suspense Magazine.


"Mannetti, as well as this book, is full of surprises. She is one of those versatile writers who always delivers. As a lover of historical fiction, especially the dark undersides, I could not put this tale down. While remaining true to Tom and Huck, she definitely adds a new dimension to their adventures. If you love literary fiction, this is the book for you. If you love reincarnation stories that adhere to life's many lessons, then this book is for you. If you believe witches and other followers of nature's natural order, then this book is for you. And yes, If you love cats, this book is also for you." -- Terrie L. Relf

"Unlike the parody books that have become so popular, Mannetti didn’t just pepper some supernatural elements into an old classic. Tom and Huck remain intact, but the story is completely fresh and inventive. ... Mannetti also exhibits a deep passion for classic literature, and of course Mark Twain in particular, which results in a very charming and personal story. Her respect and admiration for Twain is palpable in her treatment of his Tom and Huck characters. This is a magical tale of wonderment and a world of playful mystery that would make him proud." -- Dreadful Tales review

"If you're a fan of Twain, it's a must read. If you're in the mood for some humor and fantastical escapades, this book is a pretty safe bet, as well. Lisa's done it again." -- Gef Fox