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SOMEONE WICKED: A Written Remains Anthology

"Each story in SOMEONE WICKED is written well and carefully crafted. The authors take great care with building the suspense in their stories, and the result is a collection of immersing and thoughtful (albeit horrifying) tales. ... I particularly enjoy the diversity of writing styles that are showcased in this anthology. ... SOMEONE WICKED is a huge win for me, and I recommend giving it a look." -- Matthew Scott Baker

"SOMEONE WICKED is a great read with varied interesting and fun short stories. The introduction described the anthology like an all you can eat seafood restaurant where readers can pick and choose based on their tastes. But it would be difficult to find a story in the collection that isn't worth a second helping." -- R. Mark Taneyhill

"This is one impressive anthology, every story here is well written and each story is different from the last. ... This anthology has it all and is a book you shouldn't pass up." --