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Unusual Greens & Workplace Gardens

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You may be wondering why this blog is called "Bullets and Butterflies." Simple, really. While my fiction tends to be on the dark side, primarily horror and suspense (bullets), I also write a good deal of nonfiction, particularly on the subject of gardening (butterflies). Although I focus more on fiction writing in this blog, I will often discuss garden writing as well.

I've enjoyed writing for Gardening How-To for many years now, and fully appreciate Amy Sitze and her editorial staff. My latest article, "Unusual Salad Greens," is in the current issue. "Fresh garden salad means much more than just lettuce or spinach these days. Why limit yourself, especially when less-familiar greens such as claytonia, orach, corn salad, and cress are so easy to grow in your home garden?" I also described other greens such as purslane, mustard greens, arugula, upland cress, watercress, endive, escarole, and a few others. The graphics staff at Gardening How-To provided excellent photos to illustrate the article content. Bravo!

When I write articles like this, my intent is to teach gardeners to experiment with different varieties, different techniques, and new strategies to improve their gardening experience. I especially love to teach folks how to grow crops they generally can't find at the local produce market.

Also this month, Organic Gardening published a sidebar, "Grow in Your Job," that I wrote to accompany the article, "Out of the Office." The main article is about the workplace garden at Nature's Path, a company in Richmond, British Columbia, which "offers employees the chance to get outside and play in the dirt." My sidebar provides four how-to tips to help companies initiate their own workplace gardens. (In this sidebar, I mentioned the community garden at Independent School Management, which I described in an earlier blog posting.)



It's almost gardening time here in Delaware! Don't be surprised if I post some photos of my garden's progress in the coming months. I'd also be happy to hear from others about their gardening ventures.

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