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Weldon Writes ... Almost a Blog

Failure to Launch?

Freelance writing is like dancing in a minefield. The more you dance, the more likely you are to lose a leg -- or worse.

In my years of freelancing, I've only been stiffed a few times by magazines either failing to launch or suddenly going under. That's why I typically work only with pay-on-acceptance publications and avoid pay-on-publication enterprises. Problem is, most fiction venues are the p-on-p types, and I love to write fiction. So, I dance ...

This past spring, I submitted two stories to an ambitious anthology project initiated by the Tampa Marketing Company. Five anthologies on different themes were planned. One of my stories was accepted for the book Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny. (The story, Welcome to the Food Chain, is about a hitman and a very nasty couple--decidedly in "the Bad" category.) I signed and returned the contract.

That was the last I heard about the project. The Web site has not been updated since May.

I suspect the Tampa Marketing Company was (1) clobbered by this lousy economy, and (2) overwhelmed by the number of submissions from writers. The anthology scheduled to contain ghost stories received over 1,000 stories! So, I hold hope that the company still plans to eventually publish the books--perhaps the publisher is merely behind schedule?

I'm crossing my fingers ... but not holding my breath. I've been dancing in the minefield for a loooong time.

I'll provide you with an update on this situation if I hear anything. Welcome to the wonderful world of freelance writing!

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