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Crowdfunding and Smart Rhino

January 24, 2017

Tags: crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Smart Rhino Publications, Zippered Flesh


Kickstarter. Indiegogo. GoFundMe.

Hmmm …

Worthwhile for independent publishers? I guess we’ll find out.

Smart Rhino Publications is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming ZIPPERED FLESH 3 anthology. We’ve lined up 14 writers so far, and we’d like to pay them pro rates—they deserve it. But it all comes down to the success of the campaign. It’s all or nothing with Kickstarter. Tricky. Suspenseful. Worthwhile? We certainly hope so.

Check out our campaign site, see what you think.


To help the campaign along, we’re providing great rewards for those folks who pledge in support. You can get a thumb drive containing e-versions of ZF3. Paperback books. A Smart Rhino mug. Books. A print of the cover art. Editing of a short story by yours truly. Did I mention books?

We even created a rather icky promo video for the campaign. (Not for the squeamish!)


And I also made a personal appeal for the Kickstarter.


So, what do you think? Does this interest you? Do you feel compelled to support ZIPPERED FLESH 3 and its writers?

We’re crossing our fingers …


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