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Hired killers. Vigilantes. Executioners. Assassins working from a moral or political motivation. You'll find them all in this thrilling anthology. But these are not ordinary killers, not your run-of-the-mill hit-men. The emphasis is on the "uncommon" here--unusual characters, unusual situations, and especially unusual means of killing. Here are 23 tales by some of the best suspense/thriller writers today.

My story "Welcome to the Food Chain" is included in this anthology.

UNCOMMON ASSASSINS is the first in a series of "Assassins" anthologies. If you enjoyed this antho, you're likely to enjoy INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS as well!

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"While I'm not normally a big fan of anthologies, this one was a blast to read! The editor did a great job picking 'uncommon' stories. There are a couple that stick out, that really show the range of talent here. They range from Viking assassins to an "all in the family" group of assassins and more! It was a fun read, all the way through. I'd certainly be interested in seeing other anthologies edited by Weldon Burge in the future!" -- Khinasi

"Itís rare that every story in an anthology will knock my socks off and this one is no exception, but the vast majority of the stories are highly enjoyable. ... Uncommon Assassins is a nicely put together anthology and thereís something to love for crime and mystery fans alike." -- Crime Fiction Lover review

"Just like with Zippered Flesh, Uncommon Assassins is full of short stories with terrifying or interesting twists. ... Overall, I have to say that Weldon Burge did a great job with this collection, just as I expected, and that I can't wait to get my hands on the next collection he puts together." -- Tiffany Cole

"In this creepy, thrilling anthology, readers will find all kinds of murder and mayhem delivered at the hands of paid assassins. Not just any assassins, mind you; the authors who have contributed to this book have wrapped their stories around everything from hit men to vigilantes to some truly violent executioners. In other words, the title doesnít lie. These are the most unusual and uncommon killers that readers will most likely ever see. ... Challenging stories, each and every one, there are a great deal of twists and turns in this book thatís filled with very twisted characters." -- Amy Lignor

"Overall, an impressive sophomore collection, definitely worth checking out. For fiction lovers and writers alike, Smart Rhino is one to watch!" -- Shannon Connor Winward

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