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I've always enjoyed working with L.L. Soares. So it was a no-brainer when he submitted his novella, Green Tsunami, written with his wife Laura Cooney, to bring the book under the Smart Rhino umbrella. This was our first novella, and we are very pleased with the book! With incredible cover art by Dan Verkys, and interior illustrations by Will Renfro, Ju Kim, and Justynn Tyme.

L.L. and Laura have created an apocalyptic scenario that is disturbing, graphic, and provocative. A mysterious "green tsunami" has swept the planet--and nothing will be the same as both living and inanimate things begin to mutate into a new horrifying reality. The story is told entirely via emails between a man and his wife, separated by the catastrophe, describing the terrors they must face as they strive to survive.


"As surreal, mind-bending, and grotesque as this work becomes as the story unfolds, it is indisputably symbolic on many levels. The plot touches upon important themes, including relationships, parenting, humanity, ecology, class, ethics, morality, love, sexuality, war, and much more. ... This is a disturbing, imaginative, and well-constructed original work of graphic, evocative fiction that I would definitely recommend for fans of sci-fi, bizarro, or plain old fashioned horror." -- Sydney Leigh

" I found this book to be highly imaginative in its descriptions of this newly-green world and the Lovecraft-esque beasts and plant life that have sprung out of inanimate objects. The story's end left me pondering ramifications that left me feeling very uncomfortable, and that is a feat in itself. I loved it and highly recommend it." -- Peter N. Dudar

"Now, be warned. This is not your average horror story ... the setting and events are quite surreal ... and can bend your brain in directions it usually doesn't need to in a Koontz novel. But if you want a story that's way out of the box, but tells a fascinating, and often touching, story, check this novella out." -- Daniel G. Keohane

"In an age where most stories are lucky to receive even an exclusive commissioned image for the cover, Green Tsunami is fairly well illustrated with not only amazing cover art but numerous images throughout the book. ... All of the imagery functions well to pull the reader into the unique setting developed by Cooney and Soares." -- Matthew J. Barbour, Horror Novel Reviews

"Cooney and Soares strike with this strange, incredibly bleak apocalyptic novella. ... Fans of apocalyptic stories will enjoy this fresh, truly unusual take on the End Times." -- Nick Cato

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